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Camshaft end blanking plate

owdgit Sep 19, 2011

  1. owdgit

    owdgit Member

    2.5V6 TDi SE Tiptronic AKE 186500 miles
    Has anyone ever had the camshaft blank/seal plate 'fall out'?
    Serviced the old girl, nowt unusual, went for a drive all OK. Went to set off for work the following day and a small pool of oil was underneath the car!
    I had to carry on and decided to look for the leak when I got home at night.
    The undertrays were covered in oil and it was mainly on the offside (right hand side as you sit in the drivers seat for any Johnny foreigners).
    Searched around and couldnt spot anything and then noticed a round plate wedged on the chassis. It resembled a large core plug (about 60mm diameter). I felt around the end of the camshaft at the back of the engine and thought 'Ahh' thats where it goes.
    Couldnt see any method of retaining it in place so I have temporaraly sealed it with hylomar and a coat of silicon sealent on the outside.
    So, how should this be held in and any guesses as to why it came out?
    Its nowhere near any of the service parts.

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