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Camber advice

Daggerit Sep 10, 2012

  1. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Looking to get some coilovers on the new girl this month (hopefully before the Edinburgh meet!) and was wondering what people's thoughts were on camber angles while I get them all aligned? I'm only doing a modest drop so that the tyres are at the arches, not up inside them at all...

    I don't know what it is from factory but I can't see it being very much if anything or the inside of the tyres would wear out faster than the outsides. I'm not looking for ridiculous amounts either, if anything I was thinking 1-1.5 degrees? Would it be worthwhile for back road blasts or better just keeping the wheels at 0 degrees?

    I'm looking to put some spacers on next month but these will just fit in the measured space left between the wheel and arch from the lowering/camber adjustment and not the other way around if that helps any advice.

    Thanks lads!

  2. Hesl

    Hesl Member

    You'll find that there is already camber dialled in as standard, a little more would help with turn in but also increase tyre wear, you'll also find that lowering will add some camber due to the geometry, I personally wouldn't add anymore for a road car but each to their own
  3. Mcdubber1

    Mcdubber1 Member

    I'd also just stick with the factory settings as lowering will give a little more camber and you don't really want to be replacing your tyres after 5k do you?

    I look forward to seeing it lowered at the meet. What coilovers are you going for?
  4. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was thinking that with the double wishbone suspension they might have excess camber after being lowered so was looking to get it reset to either factory or my 1 degree depending on what the factory actually was so that I didn't get bad handling or large tyre wear... I wasn't sure if there was any from factory as they look pretty straight using the good old Mk. 1 eyeball. ;)

    I'm just hoping I actually manage to get them on by then! 10 working days for delivery and then have to make sure I can get them fitted... I went for AP coilovers because after speaking to various people they are basically KW variant 1's with different spring colours and surface finishes but at half the price. Win win! :)

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