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  1. cal 7888

    cal 7888 Member

    Just thought I would enlighten the members on my complications today! I took my 2.0 tdi to the garage a few days ago for a cambelt change and mot, I hadn't heard anything so went to check on it today! When I got there the car was in a bay with the bonnet up being worked on by the mechanic! I spoke to him, and he explained how lucky I was! basically wen he went to take the tensioner off, it undun with his fingers... Castestrophy avoided in my eyes! as I stood there relieved he then went to put the new tensioner on, it didn't tighten.... :/ this means the thread has gone in the head... Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. MacrosTheBlack

    MacrosTheBlack Member

    A few days for a cambelt change and mot??? Surely that should be done the same day you had it booked in?

    Is it a garage you trust? What's to say they've not accidentally stripped the thread themselves?

    Hope you get it all sorted soon.
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Oh dear, someone has not used a torque wrench & just tightened as hard as they can & I'd say multiple times to cause the thread to be chewed up to that degree, but its a little strange they've had it 2 days & they only just got to the tensioner?

    Exactly my thoughts tbh, there is no way if the car went in ok & the thread was stripped to the point the bolt wouldn't do up, would it run on our roads without going tits up way before, now based on my knowledge, I don't believe it was stripped before they got it, I'd be questioning this seriously as that's a rather big problem unless they can tap a slightly larger bolt, that wouldn't affect the tensioner etc at all.

    Also, to be sure is it the aux belt or cam tensioner?
  4. cal 7888

    cal 7888 Member

    Yes I trust the garage its owned by one of my dads friends garage, and always use him! I never book there just drop the car off and wen its done its done! Haha, he used a torque wrench as I watched him do it! But I just wondered if this is a weak point on the engine and people have experienced it before!
    Thanks for the replies

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