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cambelt smashed

scottash Aug 28, 2007

  1. scottash

    scottash New Member

    i have just had my 2001 audi tt to a garage as my red warning light came on, it was loosing water, along with this my emission light was on , and my fans wernt working, i never boiled the car as i noticed my temp going up so i stopped straight away. i waited till the engine cooled down and took it to my local specialist garage, dubsport in wigan, after having the car for a day they rung me up saying it needed a new headgasket it had blown on no 2 cylinder, and it needed a coil pack, he also advised me to have the cambelt and water pump renewed, which i agreed to . several days later i rung him to see if it was done and his reply was , i did the jobs started the car up and its smashed the camshaft gear and he might have to replace all sorts of expensive stuff ie valves etc etc, on hearing this i spoke to several other mechanics who all say it is , his fault this has happened, but he is saying that this is just a coincidece that this has happened and it is nothing to do with him, which is right? if i am right and it is , his fault and he wont budge any ideas were i go next for advice
  2. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    Sound like when he change the belt he didn't mark anything and when the belt went back on the timing was so far out well you know the answer ....
  3. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    I would be taking it away from him to start with, sounds like he has got the timing not quite right and has made pistons and valves touch :S

    he should have insurance to cover things like this, if he will do nothign about it, get the car inspected independantly and take him to the small claims court.

    I would first let him know you are going to do that to see if it will hurry him up in fixing the car at his cost for you

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