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Cambelt options

po-low Sep 28, 2013

  1. po-low

    po-low New Member

    Hello All,

    Recently purchased a 2005 2.0T Quattro S Line, pretty much fully loaded, which I love.

    However, its at 60K and hasnt had the Cambelt done.

    Therefore I have afew questions:

    1. Where's the best place to buy a cambelt kit from? EuroCar Parts or anywhere else you recommend.
    1a. If from Euro/Car parts for less - Which do I choose? The most expensive?

    2. Any recommendations for places/people in West London that can do this? How much for labour would I be looking at?

    Anything else I should know?

    Waterpump will also be changed so I know that, but anything else? Thermostat maybe?

    Thanks in advance :arco:
  2. ruairi83

    ruairi83 Well-Known Member Team Sepang quattro Audi A4 Black Edition

    Timing belt kit is about £80-100 and £25-30 for water pump. Gates is good timing belt brand.
    My local Vw Audi specialist charges £80-100 for timing belt on a4 as front bumper ect has to be stripped to do it.
  3. gtiboy

    gtiboy Member

    send adamss24 a PM on here he's in Muswell Hill just off the A406 .
    He genuine and honest and on top of all that is thorough with his work .
    I travel from Leeds (Yes LEEDS) to get work done from him

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