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cambelt change????

bad-vw-boy Feb 22, 2010

  1. bad-vw-boy

    bad-vw-boy Member

    whenshould you change a cambelt on a s4 , i am looking at one that was changed at 82600 and the milleage now reads 102700, and how much do these cost to do...also how much does it cost to tax these no....this is a bit of a grey area as i thought they fell in to the tax band where it costs roughly £190 per year or £104 for 6 mths
  2. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    i got my tax renewal in the post for my 2000 S4. they want £190 for the year.

    belt interval was 75k mile iirc.

    the cost varies depending on the work actually done (you want all tensioners, rollers, stat, seals, water pump done at the same time) and you want good parts fitted and it depends on how badly the place wants to rip you off.

    i did my own in november last year, the parts cost me about £220-£240 including fluids using all brand name parts

    when i called audi they wanted £470+vat and that didnt even include the water pump

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