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Cambelt change - what parts to switch out?

Toby_S Jul 2, 2013

  1. Toby_S

    Toby_S New Member

    Appreciate this has probably been asked a million times before, but I need to get parts ordered ASAP as car going in next week.

    So .... 2001 2.5TDI Allroad manual. 170K miles.

    Is there anywhere that does a complete timing belt kit - belts, tensioners, water pump, seals etc? Or is geuine the only way to go?

    If someone could tell me what it is sensible to change while the front end is off, given the mileage, that would really help me out (and anywhere to get the parts from, apart from Audi UK). Generally the car is in good shape, not had any issues with the engine at all yet.


  2. Chrisw4266

    Chrisw4266 Member

    The Indy that quoted for my timing belts recommend changing the water pump and tensioner. They also said they'd change the aux belts and there tensioner. They quoted me £578 for everything inc fitting and vat. Pretty good I thought.
  3. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    Hi £578 incl is too cheap, I got a complete kit from ECP and a very good price (trade price) and that was still £300. I doubt they have quoted for a complete kit.
    Speak to adamss24, the v6tdi Guru!
  4. Chrisw4266

    Chrisw4266 Member

    Must admit I did think it was a bit cheap as the kit I priced up was £290. Mines not due for another 40k so didn't ask for a break down of what was included, just a rough price.
  5. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    Just completed mine yesterday.Price wise - I had asked my independent audi specialist, he said its 5 hours time labour at his is £40/hour plus vat so that's nearly £300.

    Parts to replace (or at least what I repaced). cambelt, injection pump belt, both tensioners & idlers. Water pump, thermostat, new coolant. both aux drivebelts and their tensioners & idlers. I bought all these as a kit containing all of them (minus thermostat & coolant) on ebay for just over £300. Use good quality, these were continental belts. The real audi kit is ok but does not contain the hydraulic tensioner for cambelt or the idlers,tensioners for aux belts, or the aux belts, water pump or thermostat.

    With this in mind can't see how a garage would do for less than £700 unless missing things out.

    The major bit of the job is getting access. you have to remove air housing, air hoses, header tank, vacuum pump to get to the back of the engine to fit the timing locking tools which in itself is fiddily - use a mirror. Other than taking time its not too bad until something else goes wrong or brakes!

    Other than that managed to do the job with front end in "service position" as plenty of room. ..Actually I lie - found the bolt securing the old timing belt tensioner was v stiff and when got it out found it to have ruined the screw thread in the aluminium engine casing to fix had to drill it out, tap a tread and fit helicoil. To do this needed to take front end off completely and actually didn't involve as much extra work as I expected.

    Plenty of special tools required. Timing setting kit, pullers to remove camshaft sprockets, holders to prevent you putting pressure on the timing tools when tightening sprocket bolts, 32mm open ended spanner (2 of them or 1 big adjustable & 1 spanner) to remove viscous fan, socket set including star drive & hex bolts as almost everything is hex bolts.
  6. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member


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