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Cambelt Change - Manchester Area

D'janiero Apr 8, 2014

  1. D'janiero

    D'janiero New Member

    Hi guys,

    My cambelt is due on my 05 A3 TDI S-line, and a friend of mine who works for Jag has offered to do it. However, hes a little hesitant as he has never done one on an Audi before, and has been told by an ex VAG mechanic who he works with, that he will need an Audi locking tool to do the job?

    I came across this guide, and saw that the member didnt use the locking tool?


    Would this job be easy enough for my friend to do?

    If not, could anyone point me in the right direction of a repuatble Garage/VW specialist in Manchester, who would be able to do the work?

  2. s3joe

    s3joe Active Member

    Awesome gti

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