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cambelt and waterpump ??

davidjohngarty@yahoo.co.u Oct 23, 2007

  1. can any one help me . how much is it to get a cambelt fitted to my tt roadster and do you get the water pump fitted at the same time .how much roughly is the pump on its own and the belt on its own and fitted together cheers friends davie:faint:
  2. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    From memory it is about £300 - £350 to have it done at a specialist, depending upon labour costs. I don't have the individual part costs I'm afraid. All I know is that you have to take most of the same parts off to do either of them, so for the sake of an extra few £££s it makes sense to have them both done at the same time.

    You should also budget for the tensioners to be replaced as well - from memory they are cheap (less than a tenner) and don't make the job any more time consuming.

    Also worth doing a search in the A3/S3 8L forum as the prices will be the same as for a TT.
  3. hi there thanks for your replie i got it booked in to my local garage he said to change cambelt is a 2and half hour job they charge £35 an hour so got it done for under £150 brill:arco:
  4. mark hobbs

    mark hobbs vanilla ice tt

    yer me too im having my cambelt oil and filter change . diagnostic check , and my turbo line check with 2 bar pressure this weekend for 300 pounds all in . i got some good mates in places . we going to have a play with it see what more power we can get from it .........:laugh::applaus:

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