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cam chain tensioner replacement

brendan Jun 1, 2008

  1. brendan

    brendan 98 A4 1.8SE

    have searched and seen a couple of threads on this but none that answered my question.

    so, has anyone here done this themselves? what's involved and are any special tools required? how long did it take etc.? is there a how-to?

    alternatively, anyone had it done professionally (by audi?) - how much did it cost?

    i gather the part itself is around £300, so if i could get labour for around £300 i'd be happy to let someone else have the hassle of doing it. i would be prepared to do it myself but it's my daily drive and i can't afford for the car to be off the road for days (which is bound to happen if i tackle it!)


    edit: if it makes any difference, engine is n/a 1.8 - code ADR

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