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Cam chain tensioner replacement audi s4

therealnovaboy Feb 25, 2011

  1. therealnovaboy

    therealnovaboy Missed A Gear

    I was wondering if this can be replaced without taking off the timing belt or taking off the front bumper/slam pannel.

    I was hoping I could take off one cam and take out the CCT out the side or dose the cam pully have to come off as well?
    it would be easier if this was the case.

    Any write ups/ guides/ how tos on replacing the CCT per chance?

  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    im sure the belts have to come off
    they did on my b7
    not 100% sure on the b5
  3. sirmarky

    sirmarky Member

    i did the passenger side one on mine (at the front) and struggled to change it , in the end i took out both camshafts as the inlet alone wouldent give me enough room to get the new tensioner in place...
    i cheated by just removing the top cam belt cover and the cam pulley (way i figured was if i lost the timing then i would strip the front down) after putting on loads of reference marks on cams , crank pulley and cam pulleys. i was lucky as i managed to get the thing back together with the timing spot on !
    i still need to take the front end down now as the thermostat is stuck open !
  4. therealnovaboy

    therealnovaboy Missed A Gear

    thanks sirmarky, altho, not really what i wanted to hear. Think ill do the same. Ill try it with out taking the cam pully off, but if i cant get it ill take the pully off.

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