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Cam Belt, Tensioner... Water Pump?

A3_Mayhem Jul 12, 2013

  1. A3_Mayhem

    A3_Mayhem Member

    Hello everyone

    Finally picked-up the A3 Sport yesterday and extremely happy with things so far... early days I know, but very impressed.

    The car's a '56 plate 2.0 Tdi 140 3-Dr Sport and I'm considering replacing the cam belt and associated bits. Just a few Q's...

    1) Is it safe to wait until the recommended 80k miles before replacing the belt and tensioner, or best to do it early?
    2) Does the water pump require replacement at the same time (Haynes manual makes reference ONLY to belt and tensioner)?
    3) Is it a DIY do-able job, or best left to the pro's? I did the CB on a Subaru Boxer 4-cyl a while back and that was a doddle.

    Any help/guidance greatly appreciated.


  2. 37

    37 Member

    Though they can snap at any point, I would recommend changing it. On a different note, you could have asked for it to be changed prior to the purchase?

    Water Pump And tensioners all at the same time
  3. ENZO

    ENZO Member

    jumping in on this thread :D
    where to people go for their cambelt changing? got a quote from audi £439 but i know i could get it cheaper
    guessing this doesnt include water pump either

    any recommendations ?
  4. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Mine's 56 plate A3's currently on 73,000 miles and it's not been done. Trying to get the funds together to get it done ASAP, last thing I need is that bloody thing snapping.

    ENZO, I'm going to a VolksWorks in Leeds to get mine done as they gave me a decent price, can't remember it off the top of my head though.
  5. hp88

    hp88 New Member

    Audi say change it every 5 years or at 75k miles, I had mine done at 48k due to the age. Get the water pump changed at the same time as it could save you money in the future.

    I went to a VAG specialist, £350 for cam belt, water pump and coolant change.
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  6. ENZO

    ENZO Member

    thanks ill check it out

    btw been to tony banks today, great service
    cost be £282 though but it was 3 hours work, replaced both flexi pipes.
  7. A3_Mayhem

    A3_Mayhem Member

    Thanks for the advice/guidance.

    I'll get the water pump changed at the same time... makes obvious sense. There's a VAG specialist close to me in Caldicot (SE Wales), who's got a solid reputation - I'll see what the cost is there.

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