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Cam Belt/Tensioner Change

imported_shipp Nov 6, 2004

  1. imported_shipp

    imported_shipp Guest

    Has anyone changed a Timing belt and tensioner on a 1.8T(2000)? I've heard that in order to do it, headlights, bumpers and other things have to be removed first.

    Does anyone know if this is the case?

  2. taj

    taj Member


    Hi Shipp

    There is definately a problem here that Audi won't admit. My cam chain and tensioner went at 36k. The stealers charged me £830 including parts and VAT. I complained to Audi UK and they agreed to contribute 50% towards the parts, reducing the bill to £530

    My advice is get the stealers to do the repair but get all the parts you need from VAGPARTS they are far cheaper than Audi.

    My advice would be to change the water pump and the cambelt as all these will be asccessible they should not charge the labour for this just the parts which you can get cheaper from elsewhere, if they do complain to Audi Uk.

    These guys really take the [censored] here, you buy an Audi thinking it's a solid car nothing this major should go wrong with it. Stand your ground mate with Audi. Let me know how it goes.

  3. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    definitely change the water pump at the same time. remember it also acts as a tensioner and is subject to wear on the bearings.
  4. imported_shipp

    imported_shipp Guest

    Thanks guys,

    Got the motor booked in for Friday at the local dealer.
    Has anyone any idea how much a water pump is as they're gonna charge me £100 (incl Fitting + VAT) to put a new one in.

    To be honest I didn't think it would be that much, am I getting robbed?


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