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Cam belt snapped S3 - Advise requested

GeoffW Mar 18, 2007

  1. GeoffW

    GeoffW New Member

    Hello Guys
    Well the worst thing happened the other day, my water pump siezed/colapsed and took with it the timing belt!

    In the shop at present getting re-built!

    Questions are these:
    1. Been told the cost will be around £1800 worst case, does this sound about right?
    2. New valves, belt, tensioners, pump the usual! Whats the chances of the pistons, cam shaft, crank shaft, turbo being damaged?
    3. Is there a chance that this repair will not be perminant and i can expect lots of problems now, the car was great until this 2001 W reg 52K miles. Should I get the work done and then sell the car?
    4. Will there be a running in period once the work is done?

    Mechanic (Audi specialist) telling me that no damage to the above items occur in his experience, although slight marking to pistons sometimes but nothing to worry about...

    As always your help and advise is always appreicated.

    Kindest Regards
    Geoff W
  2. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    oh.. id be on the lookout for a 2nd hand engine, get a new pump and belt on it and, should cost a little less
  3. rich-s3

    rich-s3 Member

    i'm an engine reconditioner i have never known and other damage apart from valves and maybe valve guides, the marks on the pistons are nothing to worry about its just where the valves have taken some carbon off.
    the cost is maybe a little expensive but i wouldn't say way too much as long as it is done properly with genuine quality parts.
    there won't be a run in period as the bottom end won't have been touched, all i can say is just be cautious for couple of hundred miles making sure it doesn't make any strange noises, and check oil and water levels after couple of days. No reason to sell car it will be good as new.
    If you have any problem with parts send me a pm and i will see if i can help you out
  4. S3_MCD

    S3_MCD Member

    if thats all u get away with I think you will be lucky. How fast were you going when it went ....how long before u dipped the clutch and coasted?

    When mine went, I was looking at a new engine .... top and bottom end damage - £7k replacement engine. Fortunately my dealer put a good case to AudiUK, and all I had to contribute was costs towards cambelt replacement.

    Take a look at my gallery for pictures, and search back a year for my threads.

    If it is a rebuild I would look at APS. When the engine is out would be a good idea to replace / upgrade turbo, defo new clutch, do the hoses etc.
    Even if its not needed, more cost effective to do it now, than have to get the engine out and do it in 20k miles.

    Good luck
  5. PhilR

    PhilR One Ate Tea

    Feel for you mate, im putting my 20vt head back together at the moment after a turbo failure sent bit of bearing/turbine into the combustion chamber. Took the head off and valves out to inspect them and clocked them with a DTI for signs of them being bent, luckily they were all ok so reseated them, took the piston out and deburred the edge where the debris had settled, its took me a couple of weeks working after work but thankfully its only cost me £100 for a headset so far (already had a new turbo), I can see where the £1800 goes, its a lot of work !
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group


    Nice A8 Monobloks you have ther Phil! :cool:

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