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Calling all TYNE TEES region members...

FactionOne Mar 24, 2010

  1. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Right folks,

    I'm up in Stockton this week, training for my new job (which is actually my old job, but with new equipment etc. - long story - think TUPE), but yesterday found out that we're back up here next week too, so I'm thinking it might be an opportunity worth making the most of to meet a few more Audi-fans...

    Does anyone fancy an evening get-together one night? I'm not certain what form it'd take, but I'm just thinking that an hour or so spent somewhere within range of a decent cup of coffee, having a look at some Audis and meeting fellow community members probably isn't an hour or so wasted...

    I'm planning on bringing one camera or another up here too, so if there's somewhere with some interesting night lighting and/or I can get my strobist head on for some decent flash work, we could perhaps get a few 'break from the norm' photos out of it too?

    Any takers?


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