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Calling all S3 black edition orders - Inlays

summy25 Feb 27, 2010

  1. summy25

    summy25 New Member

    I was assured by the dealer that I could change the black inlays when I ordered my S3 back in December BUT I Just had a call to say that I Cannot change the black inlays to brushed aluminium from my dealer, as the the brochure had an error in it showing that you can. Quick call to Audi customer services and ant marketing department has told them that they can change them!!! but the dealer says otherwise!!

    my car is being built in week 11 so its rather soon!!

    Has anyone been told they can change the piono black inlays?? and if not are they that bad??

  2. Y444GAR

    Y444GAR Member

    Alot of people have had their inlays changed but I got told by my dealer in december (aberdeen audi) that the black edition has to come with piano varnish inlays. I know that there has been another black edition ordered from aberdeen audi and they got the piano inlays changed to the aluminium. Think there was a change in the brochure but the most up to date brochure shows you can change the inlays.
  3. BlackS3Al

    BlackS3Al New Member

    conflicting information here. At the time of my order I was told it wasn't an option on the computer ordering system but they had e-mailed a request to Audi that my inlays were changed to aluminium. A few weeks later when speaking to the dealer I was told computer system now amended to allow the non cost option of aluminium inlays. Car will be here in 2 weeks so will just need to wait and see - hopefully with the aluminium inlays!!
  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    im sure they can accomodate you i mean they accecpted your order on those terms, they have to
  5. RicoS3

    RicoS3 Sprint Blue is the new Ibis!

    I ordered my S3 BE and changed the inlays to alu. The brochure released on December 1st had the option in there. When ordering with the dealer though, their systems hadn't been updated, so they called Germany. I have a copy of my order with the alu inlays listed as an option.

    The new brochure released on January 1 had the option to change the inlays removed. This has been discussed in more detail in the Black Edition thread. Check out my posts in this thread on page 12 just after half way down. I've posted images of the options table in the brochure I had on Dec 1. Willmac asked the same question, but he has subsequently been told that changing to alu inlays is now not an option.


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