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calling all EVO/Ex-EVO owners...

superkarl Mar 22, 2013

  1. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    I need some first hand experience of these cars. genuine info. Not internet rumours and I heard this and that.

    Thinking of getting rid of the mrs 2007 focus ST. Its worth about 8k at a push, good spec, great bodywork, and below average mileage. Shes interested in an EVO (shes a chav, the focus is orange).
    We did have a nice one in our sights but its sadly sold too soon for us to get our hands on it.
    It was a 260 GSR, which is perfectly adequate for her, and a small step up from the ST in terms of power.
    i actually prefer the idea of the 260 over an FQ-3xx. In my mind, less abused by raw evo enthusiasts as they will no doubt opt for the FQs. Plus the benefits of lower insurance, perhaps higher mpg, and still tunable to 300hp should she require it.

    what i really want is some good opinions based on ownership, or even any driving experience of them. I want to know the weak points before looking at one.

    cheers for any advise.

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