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Calling All Early S3 Owners

tbcuprat Jul 17, 2012

  1. tbcuprat

    tbcuprat Member


    Bit of a strange one but please bear with me.
    Just has a full set of S3 calipers front and rear fitted to my VW Golf GTi.

    They seemed to go on fine although the front left is making a groaning noise when turning right at low speed.
    Afterwards I realised that I had forgotten to have fitted the balance weights fitted.

    So I fitted the balance weight and the problem went away albeit for a short period of time.
    I had forgotten to fit the large washer in between the stud and the caliper bolt and subsequently the thing came flying off at speed.

    I thought no problem I'll just get a replacement to which my problems started.
    ETKA shows this part to be mounted directly onto the caliper housing rather than the spline bolt/stud.

    Spoke to Brake Guru DaveB1970 an he has only ever seen it attached to the housing.

    So I'm looking for some kind person to have a look at the back of there caliper to see if they have the same type. I suspect that this is an early S3 design and the weight on the back has a different colour cap which is orange.

    I was hoping that I could identify the part either using the correct VIN or Reg if someone would be so kind. Or if someone has these parts spare kicking about I'd be happy to pay for them.

    Attached are two photo's.
    1) The balance weight, half a broken stud and the washer.
    2) The bolt on the back of the caliper housing sporting the rest of the snapped M5 stud.

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