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caliper carriers

205man Jan 19, 2013

  1. 205man

    205man Active Member

    my mate has just bought a 1999 flift 2.8 quattro the same as mine.

    he wants to go down the same route as me and fit 312mm discs etc. so he needs a pair of caliper carriers.

    now I have a pair of carriers from a 2000 plate tt (225bhp) will these do the job, I know mine were of a tt but couldn't remember the year they came from as they been on my car for so long.

    and I managed to get this 2nd pair for free from a mate who wrote his tt off, but I don't want have start swapping them to find they don't fit etc.

    also I know the discs on mine are of an a6 but again which model or does that not matter as long they 312mm and around same year.

    cheers guys
  2. MaverickTDi

    MaverickTDi Active Member

    From what others have said on here Mk1 TT carriers will do the trick, so yes the ones you have should be fine.
  3. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

  4. 205man

    205man Active Member

    cheers guys I just couldn't remember the models I had mine off.

    it must be a mk1 tt being 2000 plate etc.

    those discs are identical to mine except I got mine from mtech on eBay.

    right now to see how much he will pay lol

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