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cabriolet roof stall

dg3967 Jul 30, 2011

  1. dg3967

    dg3967 Member Gold Supporter

    Hi Guys
    Looking for some advice on a2003 b6 cab roof,first time it stalled i managed to close & lock it manually ,it then worked as norm for a couple of outings ,but today there,s a grinding coming from the locking mechanism above the windscreen,it did open with a gentle push up ,but the noise seemed to got worse then roof stalled again ,ive since locked it manually,anybody experienced this sort of noise?,could it be a pump or motor? & what are the potential costs ?,appreciate any help cheers D
  2. David280585

    David280585 Member

    possibly the roof mech located under the trim,there a simple change and i have one if you get stuck

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