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Cabriolet roof damage

RMH1A4cab Apr 2, 2012

  1. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

    Need your advice, its not my car its a friends its an A5 2010 cabriolet.
    If you stand at the back of the car looking at the rear window some delightful little soul has decided to key/rip the roof, it's underneath the rear window to the right about 1inch in from the glass edge (ill post pictures when I can) its an L shape tear about 1inch x 1inch. Obviously the car is still very new so replacing the roof is an expensive option, so does anyone know if and how it can be repaired this is more for getting it water tight as apposed to cosmetics.

  2. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

  3. Blackie

    Blackie Active Member

    If you go to the camping shop they do a repair patch & resin for goretex jackets. I used it to repair a berghaus coat

    Its not invisible as you can see the line of the repair but in the 3 years its been on its never undone or leaked
  4. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    You can get soft top repair glue from ebay and alike, not sure of it's effectiveness though. Wish your mate had caught the low-life as he was doing it...

    For a quick fix, (hate to say it), but gaffa tape can work wonders...

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