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Cabriolet rear window needs resealng....:-(

carl_turbo May 2, 2012

  1. carl_turbo

    carl_turbo New Member

    Afternoon guys. Was out in my Cab this morning and had one of those moments when you think "hold on that's not right". Anyway, I closed my door and I noticed the rear window jumped up. Long story short, the sealant around my rear window has come apart from the fabric. Now iv done some research about this for the past couple hours and although there is a lot about this on the net, it's usually posted by u.s owners.

    Now I think if done right and the correct sealant is used, it can be fixed. So is this a common "fault" and what sealant did you guys use? I have a few pics but I think you can imagine what it looks like.

    This has to be fixed ASAP so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. vr6gordy

    vr6gordy Well-Known Member

    try stikaflex or tiger seal

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