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Cabriolet rear seat removal

cold_guppy Jul 5, 2010

  1. cold_guppy

    cold_guppy New Member

    My '03 Cab has developed a squeak that I think is coming from the rear quarter, so I need to take the trim off. The plastic trim pops off easily enough, and you can then remove the leather faced hardboard and speaker grill - but the rest of it is proving a little more tricky.

    I assume the rear seat needs to come out?

    The base just pops out, and the bolts at the bottom of the seat backs are accessible. I've also taken off the covers that the seatbelts go through and removed the small star key bolt. Question is, what do I do next?

    Do I need to take all the trim off in the boot to get to the back of the seat?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. paulsb

    paulsb Member

    never tryed it with an audi but with my old bmw you had to remove the head rests and the lift the backrest straigfht up while pulling the bottom out slightly.

    don't think this will help but worth a go.
  3. golf kid

    golf kid Member

    Check the wheel arch liners first. I was positive that the rattle/squeak was inside, so removed the back seats which is a very fidly job. Turned the arch liner was the cause.
  4. cold_guppy

    cold_guppy New Member

    Ok thanks, I will have a look round outside before I start ripping the interior out!

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