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cabrio 80 year 1996 spare parts/used spares?

eva_holthausen Feb 1, 2011

  1. eva_holthausen

    eva_holthausen classic


    I am trying to replace the rear lights middle part on my Cabriolet 80 made in 1996. I would like to get a used one as it is cheaper but it is quite hard to find. Could you recommend a dealer/scrap yard/website where they may have parts for such old audis?

    The mirror glass is broken in the drivers side wing mirror, could you please recommend where i can get a replacement, not a stick on!, which is a reasonable price?

    Many thanks for all your suggestions in advance.
  2. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    i have a blue tint genuine glass in A1 condition off a 94 coupe
    actually i have the complete Mirror
    also i would rather not split it for fear of cracking the glass
    what sort of price were you thinking
    and i dont use paypal :)

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