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C5 RS6 Saloon Daytona Grey

Crazylarry Sep 9, 2012

  1. Crazylarry

    Crazylarry New Member

    C5 RS6 Saloon 2003
    Daytona Grey with white leather interior
    78000k miles £11,500

    MOT and taxed until August 2013
    Purchased from Knightsbridge Motors, Barrow In Furness July 2011

    Service History:

    30.4.04 9883 Audi Bolton
    01.12.04 19415 Audi Slough
    04.07.05 29744 Audi Slough
    20.03.12 39218 Audi Slough
    25.4.07 43370 Dulwich Audi
    19.4.08 45558 Dulwich Audi
    04.08.10 55400 Romans St Albans (longlife service; new front and rear pads)
    05.08.11 64696 MRC Tuning
    25.07.12 75240 MRC Tuning

    20.7.11 four new tyres

    25.7.12 MRC Tuning
    20k service and inspection
    Intercoolers fixed
    Stage 1 engine remap
    Dynoed at 502.2PS and 750NM

    I still have the original RNS head unit, but have fitted an aftermarket head unit Sony XNV-L77BT (£700) - touchscreen Tom Tom navigation, bluetooth, iPod connector, plays MP3, WMA. More details here: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/sat-nav-gps/xnv-l77bt

    No other modifications - the DRC has NOT been replaced, but there have been no serious reports at any point about the DRC currently fitted and it all feels perfect. Health check on 21.07.11 reported 'slight misting on all shock absorbers'. Health check on 25.7.12 by MRC reported 'front and rear DRC show signs of weeping'.

    The leather seats are in perfect condition. No major scratches on the bodywork-certainly everything would come under normal wear and tear for a car of this age. A couple of the alloys have scuffs, so I am willing to knock the cost of refurbishment off the price, as I don't really have the time to get this sorted before sale.

    I'm selling because I've just got a new job and my mileage has sky-rocketed. So I'm looking to downsize to something more boring. Currently has a cheesy private plate (R66 MRR) which can be included.



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