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C5 Avant 2.5tdi buying advice BAU BDH

HerefordQuattro Feb 24, 2010

  1. Hello all new to this forum as you can see, been a long time Omega driver and looking to change my car, recently missed out on a quattro sport with a destroyed top end (suprise) so looking around for another (pref working!)

    Been lurking about for a bit trying to glean info, and so far i've learnt that the top end on these 2.5tdi is made of chocolate especialy with long service life oil changes!

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the late C5's with engine code BAU or BDH (180bhp) have roller rockers which go a long way to preserving the cams?
    is there a way of identifying if a car has this engine code from the model year or is it more complicated?

    any other advice you like to offer? kind of got my heart set on a 180 quattro sport (has to be avant for the pram) prefer manual but don't mind if its tiptronic (ie all quattros) as multichronic sounds bad news.

    thanks guys:sm4:
  2. madkoka

    madkoka New Member

    Hi I have a 51 plate 2.5TDI Quattro Sport Avant (180bhp), I have found it to be a great car, mine has 130.000 miles on the clock and it drives like a car with only a fraction of mileage. When looking for one check service history this is a must, make sure cambelt has been changed at the correct service interval, check every electric switch works proberly and on the air con unit that the " ECON" light switches on and off ok.
    Happy hunting

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