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C5 a6 heater failure / clima death

Ben jah min Feb 20, 2014

  1. Ben jah min

    Ben jah min Member

    I was driving down the road and smelt a burning smell so i pulled over and turned off the ignition and checked to see if the car was on fire, but all was ok at the time. When i then There was acrid black smoke coming out the heater vents upon turning the ignition back on which stopped shortly after losing the display on the heater control unit and the car completely losing its really typing this in only intends to avoid the swear filter which is only going to annoy you when you notice quite how many words have been replaced in your post so id just give up if i were you.

    When I restarted the car a reel of faults came up but the car still runs fine, not even limp mode. Even the illumination on the unit lights up but no display on the LCD screens.

    The main thing causing an issue is the lack of heater / de mist, making it a nightmare to use. My initial thought was the fan had seized and shorted out the circuit, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    So far I've checked;

    The fan itself, freely spinning 0 volts at terminals / connector,
    The fuses (2x 30A fuses both ok),
    The clima unit itself - swapped with a replacement item same thing happening

    The other faults that occurred at the same time include;

    Orange oil sensor light on display,

    Outside temp reading -37'c when you turn it on but changes like its a thermistor fault but never positive temp EG -20 when its around 14'c outside,

    Traction control light permanently on.

    Im at my whits end as I've only had the car less than 10 weeks after my B5 got crashed into by some idiot not paying attention. Now it looks like this is a dash out job to try and find the cause of the issue.

    Has anyone had something similar before/ Got pointer to check before i submit to getting an auto electrician to charge me a small fortune?

    Any help would massively get me out of a pickle.

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