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Bw - How Much Do They Come Forward?

mcnallys Aug 27, 2014

  1. mcnallys

    mcnallys Keep 'er lit!!!

    Hey All,

    Question on BW - it seems mine has come forward about 10 weeks from point of ordering (very rough date), to BW 48, now it seems BW 47. This is still some time away - should I expect a further change to this?

    What have others experienced (recently), ideally Saloon model.

    Trying to work out best time to shift my A4 post MOT - ideally not at Xmas.


  2. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red Audi A3 saloon

    Saloons are only built in Hungary, so are not affected deliverywise with any of the other A3's.

    I ordered mine in week14 and was told 14 weeks. After about 10 weeks it got a BW 44 !!
    This has now come down to BW40. So looks like 6months.
    Of course, if you get a dealer slot it could be shorter, but I think they are a bit scarce.

    Lots of demand for a car they didn't expect to sell many of in the UK!!

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