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buzzing noise when reving

khalil Feb 26, 2010

  1. khalil

    khalil Member

    hi all, i connected a mutimedia adaptor to my audi a3 rnse(with bose) to a digital tv turner, and a dvd to the input of the tv tuner,

    so when the tv tuner is on standby and on "tv" on the RNSE source, and i rev the engine it makes a buzzing noise, the more i rev the higher the pitch noise, BUT once the tv is "on" there is no buzzing noise what so ever,

    now for the dvd player
    when i press the "av" button on the tv tuner to switch over to the dvd player that makes a buzzing noise regradless if the dvd player is on or off,

    one thing that i noticed is that if i pull out the audio(red & white) from the tv tuner or the audio(red & white) for the dvd player,(either one from the TV TUNER its self) the noise stops

    any ideas what it can be? please help cause i spend hours and hours installing all this and its bugging me to bits
  2. khalil

    khalil Member

    also this is the earthing point i used to earth the following
    tv tuner
    multi media
    2 x antenna boosters
    the earth seems to be really tight, did double check that
  3. kkp0897

    kkp0897 Active Member

    Hi, slightly off topic but anyone got a write up a retrofit of TV Tuner \ DVD Player? Cheers, KKP

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