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buyiny an S3... What Spec?

copland Aug 11, 2008

  1. copland

    copland New Member

    Hey up all, I know its my first post, but after looking at loads of threads I am even eager to get my hands on a new toy....

    I have never bought a brand new car before and am having trouble choosing the extras that I want.

    this is what I am thinking about

    Flat Bottomed Multi function Steering Wheel
    Privacy Glass
    Bose Stereo
    I-Pod Console - do I need this? is there not an ux input as standard in the glove box?
    Bluetooth phone Prep in arm rest
    parking sensors

    for those of you that already have one, is there anything you wish you had added at the time, or even could live with out?

    coulor wise I am torn between black, with split black and white seats

    or sprint blue with the same combo for seats.

    I know its down to personal taste at the end....

    Any advice is appreciated, worst thing for me is that I will probably be dealing with aberdeen..... i read that people on here were getting up to 8% discount, I might have to get a quote elsewhere to give some leverage!!

    cheeers in advance
  2. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    Flat bottomed steering wheel is now standard, as are xenon lights and front centre arm rest/
    Other things you should definitely order are:

    - interior lights pack
    - gsm phone
    - folding mirrors
    - bose (others may not agree!)

    Yes there is an aux input on the standard spec but it's by the handbrake. The ipod dock is in the glovebox and has the added bonus of charging your ipod and giving you control of it via the stereo.

    Oh and I couldn't live without RNS-E but I would retrofit as it can be done for only £500 approx.

    haggle with the discount, 8-10% is achievable.
  3. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Hello and welcome. Good choice in car :rockwoot:

    FBMFSW is now standard on the S3 so you don't need to worry about that.

    Privacy glass I didn't get and wouldn't have. I'm not into having two different tints on the same side of a car but others are, it's down to personal taste. If I only wanted B pillar back tints done I'd much rather get them from the factory.

    Bose is pretty much a must unless you plan to rip out the stereo to fit something else anyway.

    Ipod console I wouldn't bother with. It's a lot of money for not much. Your car would come with an Aux input next to the handbrake so you can plug any mp3 player into it. You don't get control from it though. Not a massive problem for me, but you may not like that.

    Bluetooth prep I have and is a must also. You need a handfree kit if you want to use your phone in the car and avoid the cops. The factory fit is very good and does all I've ever needed from it. Plus if you retrofit RNS-E (sat nav) it works with that too.

    Not got rear parking sensors. Because I can drive:whistle2:

    The colour will be your toughest choice though mate. I spent literally months trying to decide. I went from black to blue to orange to blue! You simply need to see an A3/S3 in the colours and decide.

    Good luck!
  4. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    As above really. I don't have an S3 but i recently spec'd one up to get quotes. My spec included:

    Bucket seats (which i think should be standard on S and RS cars anyway but nevermind)
    Interior light pack : Makes a subtle but noticeable difference.
    BOSE : Unless you're into your ICE and want to start retro fitting speakers, amps etc definitely worth having.
    Symphony : In retrospect i wouldn't spec this again. Get the standard Concert unit and retrofit either RNS-E or a quality aftermarket yourself.
    Electric folding mirrors : Just saves hassle, but i'm lazy. I think you look a bit of a cheapskate folding them in by hand on an S3!
    Rear parking sensor : Not really neccessary but when you're wedged in between 2 cars it's a godsend.

    So really the only 'must have' in my opinion is BOSE, if you like your music but not ***** about retrofitting afterwards. Depends how well spec'd you previous car was. If you didn't have parking sensors, light pack, folding mirrors etc. you won't miss them.
    The facelift is quite well spec'd anyway with heated seats, flat bottom wheel, xenons etc as standard.

    The S3 is all about the driving anyway so you'll be happy whatever you spec. Good luck.
  5. copland

    copland New Member

    i've been doin a bit of searching......

    found two that i could get asap, without having to wait....

    the first is


    the second is


    i am totally torn... got a test drive of the 1st one this afternoon, so will see what sort of deal we can get.... it looks along the lines of the spec i am looking for.
    the rear parking sensors are for the wife..... she has even managed to prang the golf with these fitted!! ha ha
  6. Dave1000

    Dave1000 Member

    Look ok but make sure you knock them down heavy cause you can get around 8/9% off a new one
  7. RichC

    RichC RAC 500W

    IMO the main thing to get right is the colour. Within reason you can get a lot of the other stuff added afterwards. I spent so long choosing a colour. I finally decided on Sprint Blue with it being an S exclusive colour and when i cancelled the order an Ibis White came up with everything i wanted and more so i went for it and i would never look back, it looks the nuts.

    Like everyone says though, personal choice.
  8. copland

    copland New Member

    i'm not goin to rush into anything, going to see what one is right for me.

    cheers with the info with regards 8-9% off a new one, can use that as a wee bit of leverage.
  9. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    For me you would have to get a seriously good discount off both of those cars. I spec'd mine with Elec sunroof, Bucket seats, sat nav, Folding mirrors, Rain and light, Bose, Interior light, Flat tyre, Phone prep and had a free paint protection plan (just swapped that for part payment on a tracker) The cost for that was just over 30K
  10. copland

    copland New Member

    the test drive went well, but i can't get them to budge on the price. so i think i will keep looking!!!

    going to price up a brand new one, see what price and delivery i get. will post my findings,
  11. RichC

    RichC RAC 500W

    Thats a shame, im surprised they wont budge at all if you are willing to walk away. I suppose they are just waiting for an innocent customer to come in who isnt aware of discounts on new cars.
  12. copland

    copland New Member

    just had a price,

    i can get an S3 in metallic paint (not chose my colour), bose, bluetooth in armrest, multi function steering wheel, heated seats, thru luggage loading (i play a bit of golf),

    for 27,500.......

    against a pre registered of 26K...... only thing is the lead times!!

    i am also looking at the sportsback, gives me extra room an there is the chance of sprogs as well....

    decisons decisons.... anyone else had a price better?
  13. t&biskits

    t&biskits it`s all black

    don`t get phantom black, it does look great , but looking after it is a bitch (personal opinion). should have stuck with white. nevermind. :blink:

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