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  1. s3forthemrs

    s3forthemrs Member


    i recently ordered a new s3. this is my first time buying a new car and i'm not really sure of the overall process. and i'm a bit concerned with the progress of my order.

    some questions for those that have bought new:
    - did you get a document or contract that outlines the full spec of your car (options list) ?
    - when did you eventually get a build date and delivery date?
    - how accurate was the delivery date?
    - how much deposit did you put down?

    has anyone here had reason to cancel their order? and did you get your deposit back?

    thanks for your help all
  2. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    You decide on what you want, if they cannot find a car that meets your spec, it is an ordered one, they give you a rough delivery date, then a build date, that will give you a date for delivery, then a few days later you can pick it up.
    you pay a deposit, not even 10% I paid 2k on CC.
    They give you a Carbon Copy of an order form etc.

    Then you sit and wait for what is like ever :(,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Before you go to a dealer, look on line and build a car that you want spec wise, (Options), take it to a dealer of your choiuce and see if they have one in t hat spec, or can find one in that spec from anywhere, or see if there is a build date on a car that has not been bought, it saves a lot of time in waiting.
    Remember they have to order cars to a spec even though they have not sold them
  3. s3forthemrs

    s3forthemrs Member

    Hi Brett,

    Does the carbon copy of the order form contain all the details (inc options codes) of the spec that you ordered?
  4. redleg

    redleg Member

    your copy of the order will include all your options and prices , but not the codes { well mine does not }
    I ordered 24 feb 2010 got a build date week 16 which is starting 19 april . you can add / change your options until the get a build week confirmed then it is in what the call lockdown
    and no further changes can be made without moving the build week back to accomodate any changes you have made to your spec.

    I paid £500 deposit on my credit card , just in case the dealer goes bust then I get my money back , better to be safe than sorry even with an audi dealer .

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