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buying guide, advice, things to look for?

Tank. Feb 24, 2014

  1. Tank.

    Tank. Member

    ok so ive posted in a couple other sections here but with having to be a bit sensible and a tighter budget than expected ive narrowed my options down to 2 cars at the moment
    and one is a C5 A6 2.5 tdi multitronic saloon
    Audi A6 2.5 TDI 163 Sport 4dr Multitronic

    The other is a B6 A4 1.9 tdi multitronic

    any things in particular i need to look at for the above A6, also query regarding the multitronic, ive read that there was a recall/ warranty upgrade on the clutch from 6 plate to 7, how would i know if this has been done, or any signs when driving that there would maybe be a problem

    going to look at both these cars tomorrow
    all help much appreciated

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