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Buying an R32 - where

lewy Feb 18, 2003

  1. lewy

    lewy Member

    Considering an R32, but can't find a decent discounted one, anyone know of any decent webites advertising discounted import or UK cars.
  2. amoffat

    amoffat Member

    Somehow doubt that you will get a discounted one anywhere, due to the the limited production of the cars and the poor Euro at the moment.

    Have a look in the back of Autocar at the import ad's.
  3. 18ME

    18ME Member

    I had one on order since October with Listers in Stratford-upon-Avon (VW dealer). I was told I should get my car xmas and I was second on list.
    Sold my cooper s to make for it a couple of weeks ago thinking it can't be long now, but I nagged the dealers for a date and eventually they told me at least another 4 months away. I was very happy to say the least so I took my deposit back and ordered an RX8 instaed.
    Anyway after they told me that I phoned around a lot of dealers and was told all allocations were sold for months but some did have demos if I wanted to pay over the odds.

    So, well the answer really is if you can get one at list soon, I would go for that, Importers are advertising them at UK list with who knows how long for delivery.

    Good luck.
  4. ColinM

    ColinM Member

    I will be selling them below list (typical discount £2k on one spec'd with leather). Email philip@sportimport.co.uk for a quote now.

    Full spec/options on the VW website at www.vw.co.uk

  5. waynehiscock

    waynehiscock New Member

    my m8 test drove one.

    he said he dident like the steering much and it wasent a whole lot different from s3.

    mind you he has been test driveing evos so he might be use to them too much
  6. ColinM

    ColinM Member

    I have one in stock for immediate delivery and at a discount on UK list. It's a 3 door in black with full black leather, Sat Nav colour, DSP etc. Email me for more details.


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