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Buying an Audi S3

s3madness Feb 23, 2010

  1. s3madness

    s3madness New Member

    Hello there fellow S3'ers.

    I currently have a Golf MK4 but its got to the time i really want the Audi S3. (if there is anyone interested in a very nice Golf MK4 GT Tdi let me know)

    Ive been looking through the prices on pistonheads and autotrader, i see they are around the 7k mark, i know its going to be a step up coming from a diesel, but just wanting to know what mpg do you usually see on the motorway and local? Also are there any common problems i need to look out for?

  2. leshkin

    leshkin Hold my beer... VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S3

    Depends how you drive. I guess you're looking for the 8L version. I get a real 28mpg (not computer calculated) on a mapped car, with Shell V-Power and normal driving on a 50/50 mix of country and motorway roads. The way you drive will really affect the final figure. A mate at work rags his car everywhere and gets about 21mpg with an unmapped car.

    Whichever way you spin it, S3 will never be as economical as your Tdi.

    Common faults are:
    coilpacks - 25GBP per coilpack
    MAF is pretty fragile and can cause problems
    Suspension bushes tend to go after 60-70k or so, which affects tracking/handling
    A3s in general usually get some corrosion on the roof and S3, tend to corrode at the bottom of the doors - some members had success in getting these sorted under warranty

    Read the old stickies as these are useful sources of info - Linky
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
  3. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    Mpg wise I can get 35 mpg driving carefully on the motorway, elsewhere looking at About 28, though seems to vary quite alot. Probably best looking for a facelift model, and for 7 k you'll easily get one, just a few tweaks and updates and the slightly more powerful 225 bhp bam engine as oposed to 210 in earlier cars. Look for one with a good history or like mine where you know the previous owner and that it's been maintained properly. That's about all the advice I have :)
  4. chancer

    chancer Member

    what spec is the golf? How much are you looking for against an S3. Drop me a PM or email
  5. s3madness

    s3madness New Member

    Thanks for your replys, yeh it will be a big difference from my TDi but 30mpg doesnt sound too bad. How much is it roughly to a full tank, does it do 300 odd miles? Yeh i will be looking into the 225bhp facelift.

    Its a GT TDi, remapped, gunmetal grey. I will be putting it on Pistonheads over the weekend so will drop the link on this thread and theres too much to list.

    How much is it for service parts, all filters, oil etc? is the cambelt every 60k?

    Thanks in advance
  6. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    as all said above it really does depend on how heavy your right foot is. On the motorway on a gently cruise i have even seen like 39mpg (driving like a proper granny though) however a little tspurt can easily push that down below the 30's. I do mostly motorway miles and can get about 320-350 miles out of a full tank. However on more spirited tanks i would struggle to get over 310 miles. still not bad i dont think.
  7. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    I average 350 miles out of a tank, short journeys in and around town drinks fuel but on a long journey it see's a better return. Cost me £67 to fill up last time using super unleaded.

    Servicing isnt that bad, belt every 60 to 80k (think Audi adjusted its interval at some point) Audi has a reasonable price list for servicing now, but there hourly rate for any other work is still about £100 an hour. Parts wise you can buy direct from audi or use GSF, euro car parts etc, cost depend on the parts being purchased, dont think they'll be much differance in common service parts e.g. filters.

    Audi prices: http://www.audi.co.uk/owners-area/servicing-with-audi/affordable-servicing.html
    Interim service is oil and filter with a health check and inspection, major should be the same plus air filter, pollen filter and spark plugs, but you'll have to confirm that. Major should be every 40k, most people do an oil change every year/6k to 10k on average. I would normally change the air filter every other service or if you have a performance filter clear every service. I pay for £99 service then buy an fit the air and pollen filters myself, still get a stamp and have a record of the other parts brought to back up the service history. But than you may not be fussed about FASH and maybe happy to undertake the service yourself, in which case i dont think they'll be much difference in servicing price with your current car, the only additional costs will be spark plugs and the haldex service.

    Specialist garages: http://www.thettshop.co.uk/servicing_mk1_4wd.asp http://www.jabbasport.com/workshop.php http://www.awesomegti.com/
  8. ianysm

    ianysm Active Member

    I get about 33mpg out of mine on my cross country commute to work (35 miles) which is about 10mpg more than my M3 did!

    Clutches are another weak spot, especially on mapped cars. Had to get mine done as soon as it was mapped, plus coil packs and spark plugs!

    Bushes too and anti roll bars!

    7k will get you a decent one with less than 90k miles

    Other problems are various sensors but they could go on any car. Vag com is the hway forward but i only have the freeware version which is very limited!
  9. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    I don't think clutches are a week point, mapped or not.

    Depends how it has been and is treated, I've done about 20k so far since the map and clutch still feels fine, I know there are people with a lot more miles under there belt and the clutch has also been fine...
  10. ianysm

    ianysm Active Member

    I think it depends on mileage/age of car and like you said how its been treated
  11. s3madness

    s3madness New Member


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