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Buying an Audi A3?

Audicus Aug 1, 2014

  1. Audicus

    Audicus New Member

    Hi, I've been interested in Audi's for a very, very long time but because of young age and low money, i haven't had the chance to buy any until now.

    I have found two Audi's, both of them 2010 Reg A3 Sportsback with 1.6 TDI Engine, Manual and in White.

    The difference between these is obviously the price and the mileage,

    One which is for £8400 ($14140) has the mileage of 101546K Miles,

    The other one, which is for £7450 ($12540) has the mileage of 132000K Miles.

    They both come from dealerships so its not a private sale, and have full service history.

    Which one am i better of with? I'm only going to be driving it for 3 years because i will upgrade to A8 later on.

    + How long can Audi A3's last in regards to the mileage if kept serviced and maintained?

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