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Buying an A6 2.5 Tdi quattro

aeroelastic Oct 26, 2010

  1. aeroelastic

    aeroelastic Member

    Hi all,

    I need a bigger car (have a Bora at the moment) and I am going to look at an A6 2.5TDi Quattro (2001) in the next few days. Having owing a petrol, could I get any advice from you guys about checking a TDi?

    What should I look for? What symptoms do failing Turbo have?

    Anything else that I should pay attention to? How do I test if the Quattro system is working?

    Thanks in advance. ​
  2. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Go to the diesel forum you'll find more info there. Also look at the VWAudiforum.co.uk website

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