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Buying an A4 TDI?

devilsadvocate Oct 24, 2012

  1. devilsadvocate

    devilsadvocate New Member


    I currently have a car which does 27mpg average and due to increasing work miles, I am thinking about getting a diesel.

    My options are an A4 TDI or a BMW 320D but in all honesty, I would prefer an Audi.

    My budget is about 9k so the 05-07 modems seem to be most appropriate and mileage seems to vary but needs to be under 100k.

    I want 45-50mpg and front wheel drive is fine for me.

    I have a seen a 2006 model with 50k (A4 2.0 TDI TDV S-Line) for about my budget.

    My questions are really:

    - Is there anything I should look out for?
    - Is it worth looking for a newer model with higher miles.

  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Don't get th 170 model unless it's had its injectors replaced under warranty, even then they can still be problematic. AFAIK the 2.0tdi 140 doesn't suffer from injector problems. I would suggest the 3.0tdi but the economy won't be comparable and they can have their own issues (inlet manifold).

    The interior of the A4 is several steps above the BM imo, having driven both I've always voted Audi out of the two...
  3. devilsadvocate

    devilsadvocate New Member

    Thanks for the advice, so the 140 model seems 'less bad' so to speak.

    I will check the paperwork for anything which has been recorded.

    I need 45+mpg to justify changing cars really as I will be taking a small loss on my current car with the aim to recoup this with savings on fuel and road tax over the next 3-4 years.
  4. Macdoon

    Macdoon Well-Known Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi A4 S-line owners group

    I have the 170, had injectors changed and love it. On a run mine returns around 42-45 (motorway/dual carriageway normal speeds), around town and short runs returns around 33-38. The 140 has a much better mpg return, mate has a 140 and on his last run to Scotland he managed aound 47-52 mpg.

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