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Buying an A4 cabriolet

crespo Jul 28, 2012

  1. crespo

    crespo Member

    I am looking for an A4 cabriolet around 52/03 plate either a 1.8t or a 3.0.

    Is there anything to look out for with these engines and the car in general. I am going for a manual as i have read the horror stories about the multitronic box and a friend got stung for £3k when his died an early death on his TDI A4.

    I am leaning toward the 1.8t with a remap to help pull along the heavy car and have ruled out the 2.4 as it is no better on fuel than the 3.0 and not much quicker than the 1.8t. Am i missing something with the 2.4 engine or is a good idea to rule it out.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but i did a search and found good info about the saloon etc but not the convertible.

    Lastly if anyone is selling a good manual convertible for between 4 and 4.5k with reasonable mileage then feel free to inbox me.

    any pointers would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.:sm4:
  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    I've owned one ( 18t ) for ages now

    You need to check out 18t sludge pipe problem

    Do a search, it's very important

    I'm selling the wife's but not for that ! Lol
  3. bowen

    bowen Member

    someone asked this a while back and I did write a repy it went something like;

    Its like buying any car really, check what you would check if you were buying any car. From personal experience, check for a vibration through the gear stick (DMF), engine temp, oil leaks, heat through the vent/fans when set at hot etc etc.

    Regarding the roof, obviously make sure it works. Check the manual roof tool (its in the fuse box) see how used it is if it looks warn then its obviously had roof problems, see if it has a wind deflector very pricey from the dealer and hold a good price on ebay.

    think thats it
  4. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    had my 1.8t for 18 months now, i got to say i love it.
    i have driven a 2.4 v6 cab and there smooth, but no faster then a 1.8t, pluss a little heaver too, so i would go for 1.8t every time, but thats just my oppion

    as for the roof tool....hummmm mines missing and i have only just noticed:salute:
  5. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    I have owned a 1.8T Cab for 3 years now, a 2008 model, Auto, and it is a dream of a car.

    I owned 2 Mercs previously, both from new, and they are not a patch on the Audi.

    I get it serviced by a mate who works for Audi, I always find a regular service keeps the car running well, so make sure you check the service log carefully.

    Roof takes about 40/50 seconds to go from open/closed or closed/open.

    Nice having a Cabriolet in the weather we had this last week, but I also love it for driving anyway, regardless of the weather.

    I have the Sport, with flappy paddle, it shifts well enough for me. I have the roof with the sound proofing (acoustic hood), so it is nice and quiet and fine for talking on my hands free phone. I also have the Bose sound system, and when I hook up my Iphone and crank it up it is like a mobile nightclub lol.

    I am trying to think of any niggles I have, but I can't think of any. Even the boot is big, which is a real bonus for a Cab.

    Anyway, it is a lovely car, hope you find a nice one.
  6. crespo

    crespo Member

    Thanks for the advice guys, it's very much appreciated

    With regards to the roof tool. Is the fuse box in the car or under the bonnet on the cab.? Obviously not owning one I have no idea where it is and don't really want to go tearing someone's car apart trying to find it. :D
  7. rjm180

    rjm180 Active Member

    Also check that the roof stowage box lever in the boot works correctly. A few hundred pounds to repair.
  8. bowen

    bowen Member

    the roof tool is in the fuse box in the cabin, open the drivers door and there is a panel (on the side of the dash)
  9. lewie

    lewie Member

    I have an 06 1.8t(auto)- had it for about 15 months and love it as much as the day I bought it- its now done 52k and drives faultlessly.
    not sure if anyone has mentioned the 40k gearbox oil change on the autos, had mine done just after I bought it- £150 but well worth it.

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