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Buying an A3 help!!

Keefo Feb 14, 2009

  1. Keefo

    Keefo Member

    Was suppose to buy an A3 a little while ago but my cash for it fell through and couldent get it! but now i can finaly :-D

    and am now on the look out for a decent 1.8T A3 for about 2k

    Going to look at this one tomorrow, what you guys think for the cash?


    Got any tips for when i go look at it? anything to keep an eye out for??
    I expect something much be on its way out or something with that high-a milage?

    On the bright side it does say it has full service history just hope in there was a cambelt change recently haha
  2. Imteyaz

    Imteyaz 6th Gear

    Hello Keefo,

    I would wait and have a good look around until you find the car that you really want. I paid 700 squids more for my A3 1.8TSport on a 2001 model, cream leather interior, 2 owners, 99k miles, 6 months tax, 3 months warranty. I went for the later version as it already has the facelift lights, more than likely to have the K03S turbo (for when I get it remapped).

    Ofcourse it's your choice at the end of the day, I waited for a few weeks till something suitable came up and I'm happy with my purchase. Be prepared to travel a little too for the right car, I for one am glad I didn't rush into buying my car, like I usually do!

    The 1.8T engines are fairly strong if looked after so check the service history (don't just take their word for it!). The advert mentions child locks (despite it having only 3 doors) so verify the model before going up as the trader may have got it wrong and It'll be a wasted journey if your're not after a 5 door.

    Take it for a good long drive, my car suffered from worn rear axle bushes which I negotiated off the price of the car before buying. Also check it has both keys, I didn't and I'm still working on getting a second key coded. Other than that, go for it!
  3. HTC

    HTC Active Member


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