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Buying advice needed

tyeness Sep 10, 2008

  1. tyeness

    tyeness New Member

    Hi all

    Looking into getting a used A3 for my girlfriend, and I was just wondering if there were any little niggles or common problems with them we should look out for when buying?

    She's after an 8P and it's preferably going to be a diesel. I'm new to Audi so really have no idea of anything I might encounter - I'm sure there won't be much from a 5 year old car but I thought it would be worth asking anyway!

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    Are you going for the 1.9 tdi 105ps or 2.0 tdi 140ps?

    what trim? se, sport or s-line?

    I have an 04 2.0tdi and if I was going to look at another one now at that age I would look for.....

    Clutch slip - floor it in 6th at 50mph or so and see if it slips

    Check the car juddering at idle - if it does, this means your flywheel is knackered and needs a new one, £350 plus fitting from audi afaik!

    Check the timing belt has been done around 60k

    FSH - in my opinion it doesnt have to be audi, mine isnt as I do not see the point in paying outrageous prices for something I can easily do myself

    Steamy headlights

    Just check the usuals like paint condition, top mounts, trim, interior etc...

    The glove box should lower slowly, if it lowers quickly and bounces at the bottom then the support arm is broken - common problem

    thats really all that I can think about to be honest - generally excellent cars and I love mine to bits!
  3. tyeness

    tyeness New Member

    Coolio thanks for your reply dude,

    We're not to sure on exactly what model just yet, probably be the 1.9tdi, trim will probably depend on what turns up around her budget - I don't think it'll stretch to SE though.

    I will definitely keep an eye out for belt & clutch. Had both of those replaced on my car last week, which was nice:laugh:

    Steamy headlights are really annoying too, I used to drive a mk2 punto which always had that problem.
  4. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I think the 1.9tdi is pretty bomb proof.
    It is ancient, so any problems have been ironed out.
    Certainly, in my experience, it's a lot less hassle than the 2.0tdi! (I've had both).
    The 2.0tdi can have issues with high oil use and even dodgy cylinder heads, examples of both having been reported by people on here over the past three+ years.
    In my opinion, the 2.0tdi suffers from wildly varying build quality and/or component quality.
    I can't see any other reason for one using oil like an old Cortina and the next one using none.
    If you can speak to the previous owner and get the truth about their 2.0tdi though, it is a more refined and powerful engine than the 1.9tdi, for sure.

    If you see one you like, maybe come on here and quote the reg?
    You never know, someone on here may know its history.
    You won't have to avoid my old one (SV05 UCZ), it's already been sold to some poor sod!:notme:
  5. tyeness

    tyeness New Member

    Hmm well for the sake of insurance we probably will go for the 1.9, will be a hell of a jump from the 1 litre pug 106 she has now :laugh:

    Though depending on what turns up, never say never! There were certainly enough options on Auto Trader when I had a quick glance earlier, not had a proper look yet though, and there's still the classifieds on here to look through!

    And you never know, that poor sod might have shifted your old one already! :ninja:

    Thanks for the info dude!

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