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Buying advice needed A4 TDV S line

bigbird76 Apr 23, 2010

  1. bigbird76

    bigbird76 New Member

    Hey all

    I am going to look at a 2006 A4 TDI TDV S line 2.0 6 speed tommorow as i might part ex my saab in for it in a garage by me, I just wanted to know if there are any common faults that you guys are aware of and also any information i need to know so that i am prepared for the dealer. I have no clue about This TDV engine and what it does? Also saab diesels suffer from EGR/Swirl valve and Particle filter problems do these A4's have similair problems too?.

    Just fed up with my saab/vauxhall and want a more reliable car that will last me.

    I was also looking at the older TDI Sport 130 model are they bullet proof? or is this car a better buy?

    Cheers for any reply's guys

  2. jon1982

    jon1982 diesel dodger

    mileage? service history? bit of info on the car before we can help you mate.
  3. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    I know a guy who's been an Audi master tech for many years, really knows his stuff and a great guy. He said that the B6 1.9TDI's where / are bullet proof, while he has seen countless 2.0TDI 140's in for all sorts of engine problems. He doesn't think they are anywhere near as reliable. However says thew 170 is better although has DPF issues and poor MPG and the 6 cylider ones are great. Says the the B8 brought the A4 back to good old VAG reliablility. Not sure if that hels at all. I for one love the B7 S Line styling. I recently sold my B6 1.9TDI 130 Sport (FWD) at 146k miles and it drove like there where about 30k miles on it, it was great. Haven't driven a B7, but I hear the handling was improved.
  4. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    Just make sure the engine code doesn't end in BLB, if it does then stay clear (oil balancer shaft problem). The code is written on a label in the spare wheel compartment.

    The 1.9's are probably rock solid as that engine is quite old and supplied most of the VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat diesel range.

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