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Buying A6...Which Engine?

Ewok Jun 15, 2006

  1. Ewok

    Ewok Member

    I am currently looking for a used A6 avant (due to impending enlargemant of family) and was wondering what the engines were like.

    We currently have an A3 1.8T (which we will keep) and the engine is great (even at 128000 miles!) but does it suffer in the bigger car.

    I like the sound of the 2.8 V6 but would like to keep the fuel consumpion down to a reasonable level.

    Have a budget of approx £7000 and whatever the engine would prefer a quattro.

    Any pointers would be great, Ta.
  2. A6FanUK

    A6FanUK New Member

    Have you considered a diesel? I've been running my first diesel (A6 1.9TDi) for 3 months now, after having run petrols for 30 years.

    First impressions were very good. Overall refinement is good, and I'm getting very close to 50mpg all the time (although I do a lot of motorway driving). It can sound a bit "gruff" at low revs, especially if you're used to petrols.

    Performance is "adequate" for modern driving conditions. I find it quite slow off the line (small engine, big car), but as soon as you hit 1500rpm, it flies all the way to 4500rpm. Mid range accelaration is as good as many petrols I've driven. It slightly disappoints at the top end, but it IS a diesel after all. You can't beat the thrill of blasting down a country lane at 5000rpm plus in a petrol car. (My "Sunday" car is a petrol turbo).

    Would I buy another? Yes, because it suits modern driving conditions well. But I'd probably look closely at the 2.5TDi (or 3.0 TDi if budget allowed).

    Why don't you try a 2.5TDi?

  3. Ewok

    Ewok Member

    Thanks for the advise.

    The car I will be trading in/selling to buy the A6 is a diesel (BMW 320d) and I have to say that getting another oil burner was a thought as I use it for commuting at the moment (80 miles a day!).

    This will be the 'family' car though and I will not be using it for the drive to work (can't see me taking the baby/dog to work to often!) so I would prefer a petrol as me and the wife prefer them.

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