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buying a3 ap advise please

ste_1210 Aug 2, 2008

  1. ste_1210

    ste_1210 Member

    right iv got a a3 quattro al at the moment im after buying a a3 8p but i want the version with the deeper grill from what iv read them came after late 2004 if thats correct but id like to know whats the difference between

    just the ones that say

    a3 then u got sportback and s line

    im after the desal with th dsg with the paddle shifts so need any help or recomedations would be good after around 05 reg
  2. RichC

    RichC RAC 500W

    By deeper grille are you referring to the one piece grille that features on the S-line and the S3?

    Sportback is the 5 door version and S-line is just a trim level, if you have an S-line you get more standard equipment.

    Not sure if this answers any of your questions.

  3. sibby

    sibby Member

    The big front grille came in around late 2004.

    Sportback refers to the car whereas S line is the style kit you get with it. Imo without the S line the A3 looks pretty bland.

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