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Buying a new car battery

Curley89 Nov 21, 2013

  1. Curley89

    Curley89 S5 Stage 2 & S3 Stage 2+ Team Brill Red Audi S5 Audi S3

    Looking to purchase a new battery but I am getting a lot of conflicting information.

    Going from the recommendations on here I should be buying a Varta silver ultra dynamic ZGB577400078 from TPS. TPS have told me they have three batteries on their system for my car and the one he 'thinks' it should be is an 067 74amp Excide.
    Audi do have a Varta for my car but have no other information on the product except it is a 72amp battery.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? What spec do I want for a standard 2007 8P S3?
  2. I went to Perth Audi (mine is a 2.5tdi A4, B5)
    £117 +VAT 82 Ah battery
    VW (next door) £75 (can't remember if plus or inc VAT now) 85Ah battery
    Motor factors all seem to be roughly around £1/Ah +VAT
    my Audi has the VW Varta battery fitted.
    Apparently Bosch Silver is an excellent battery too but no idea on price.
    Hope that helps you decide. But if you have a VW dealer worth checking them against Audi prices, for most parts... Like springs, shocks, discs, you might get a very big surprise
  3. Richard-001

    Richard-001 New Member

    I might have a spare original, seventy odd Ah, which you could have for the right price, in Cheshire....

    Let me know and I'll check the part number.
  4. ryanstewart9

    ryanstewart9 Member

    If memory serves correctly, Costco do Bosch Silver batteries at a fairly good price.
  5. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

  6. Keane

    Keane Active Member

  7. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

    07 2.0 tdi

    Check your dimensions, and compare
  8. Corrado Storm

    Corrado Storm New Member

    Have a look on e-bay, Honda Bristol are on there and next day delivered me a VARTA battery for £55.99 It was identical to the one which came in my TDi from new! Same spec and even looks OEM... ....not that you see it under the cover! Audi had quoted me £130!

    Worth giving them a call to see if they have a comparable item in the Honda range for yours, Honda Bristol phone 0117 311 0000

    They only give a 3 year warranty, but I had 8 years and 60k miles out of the original one!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2013

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