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Buying a A6 2.5 V6 TDI Quattro

westie Mar 10, 2013

  1. westie

    westie New Member

    Evening all - Sorry if this has been asked loads of times before but I'm looking to buy an A6. I'm going to look at a 2002 A6 2.5 V6 TDI Quattro Avant (manual) and wanted to find out what things I need to look out for? The car has 120k miles and was owned by an Audi mechanic so it's been well maintained.

    Thanks guys

  2. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Cold Starting issues, white smoke, black smoke.
    Any play in the front upper or lower or rear suspension arms (low speed clunking, wobble on braking and at around 60 mph).
    Condition of inner and outer CV boots (tear's, gunk collecting round hub and inside wheels)
    Fading DIS screen,
    No A/C (condenser suffers from stone chips and corrosion)
    Volts showing below 14V when running (alternator collects muck from cylinder bank)
    Any ABS or EPC lights on or flickering. (ABS/EPC controller is a costly fix)

    Service history and evidence of cambelts, water pump and thermostat change good? (120 ready for no 2 change IMHO)
    Ask about the injection pump condition..... (Vp44 pump has history again costs)
  3. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    Camshafts made out of swiss cheese

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