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Buying a A6 2.5 TDi - info please.....

Roma_T Mar 9, 2008

  1. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Hi, my 1st post :respekt:

    Just come across this forum and it's great!

    I'm looking at buying a '02 2.5TDi Avant A6. REason being, we've just had twins and also have a rather large dog. So the sports cars are not up to the job anymore lol.

    Looking for as much info as I can get basically. I won't be buying straight away, as I'm waiting for a new rear bumper for my current car(nissan silvia s15) before I can sell it. So I've got plenty of time to read about the audi :)

    Is there anything to look out for when looking at these cars? Common problems I should check for/symptoms of? Or make sure has been replaced in the receipts? I've read water pumps are a problem with these. Is there anything else to look for?

    Should I be put off by 100k mile motors? Or would I be better off going for a lower mileage example? For the last ten years I've had jap imports, and they've always come with really low mileage. So not sure whats normal for a uk diesel lol. Still lower is better right?

    I was looking at the 2.7 turbo model but I can't justify that lol. I'd love it but I gottta be a bit economical now. Unless flashing or chipping the ecu makes the petrol version a HELL of a lot better lol.

    I've chosen to go for the diesel engine due to mpgs. Can someone tell me the average mpg you're geting? With what kind of driving? Town/M-Way A roads ;) lol etc

    Despite the economy bit, I am open to tuning the car still, so let me know what options there are? Is it possible to flash the ecu? etc etc :)


  2. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    Hi RT,

    I've got a '99 A6 Avant 2.5 TDI which is similar to the sort of thing you'll be looking at. Perhaps some of the things below will be useful. Apologies if any don't apply to the '02 version of the A6.

    Things to watch out for:

    - engine cambelt changes due at 60k miles. Major job involving removal of the front of the car to reach the belts and pulleys. If it's been done recently, check whether the water pump and so on were also replaced. (If they weren't then I'd be worried about the car perhaps being serviced on a budget in the past.)

    - computer display in centre of instruments is known to fade over time, especially in warm weather. Not an easy fix. Later versions use a more reliable display but the '02 year might be the same as mine. New displays are £600+ from Audi and must be coded to your specific car.

    - check that the AC control unit in the console works perfectly and that all buttons feel 'right' and the displays are clear. A replacement is £400+ from Audi and my AC guy says they're known to fail.

    - if it's a Quattro, check for damage underneath caused by people dragging caravans or horseboxes around fields, especially if a towbar is fitted.

    - any engine oil leaks or white/blue smoke from the exhaust point to a blocked crankcase breather valve or stuck EGR valve. Not too difficult to replace these filters. (Sometimes the symptoms can be mis-diagnosed as worn turbo seals or (in my case) camshaft seals which would naturally be £££ to fix.)

    - Audi Concert stereo head units have a common problem with the volume knob so any crackling or irregularity in the volume control points to a dodgy unit. OEM replacements are expensive (as head units go) but aftermarket ones can be fitted (although you lose the computer read-out etc.).

    - early A6s were subjected to a recall in which the front suspension links were changed. I don't know why nor whether an '02 car would be affected. Might be worth investigating.

    In theory, with regular servicing, these cars will run for 200k miles and more, so I wouldn't be too scared of one with 100k miles. Mine's done 125k miles and still feels good. There should be no creaks or rattles at all with these notoriously well-built interiors.

    I think the '02 years started life with 20k mile oil change intervals and opinion remains divided on whether this is a good idea or not. If the car has a full Audi service history then I think I could trust the 20k interval, but if an independent has ever serviced it then there's a risk that the oil may not be suitable for the 20k intervals and so you'd drop back to 10k.

    I was a little bit disappointed with the fuel consumption I got. Mine's a 150bhp Quattro and I get about 35mpg if I use Shell regular diesel, which equates to 500 miles per tank. Non-Quattro versions should get nearer 39mpg. The '02 model 2.5 TDI will be 180bhp (I think) because of the higher-pressure fuel system, so you can expect better economy and performance. If you chip it you'll probably get staggering performance (although I haven't gone down that route myself).

    Hope this helps.
  3. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Cheers mate, certainly helps and will look out for that stuff. Did the 02 model replace the 150hp model with the 180 then? If so I guess that makes it easier. But if not, and they were both available how would I tell the difference. In fact I'm sure I've seen 150 and 180 hp models available in 02 form.

    Cheers again though certainly a lot to keep an eye out for :)
  4. JR6

    JR6 JOHN

    Ive got a 163 HP model and get 33 mpg around town,not the best but this improves to high thirties on a longer run, this is with the multitronic gearbox which by the way will need an oil change every 40k, this will cost around £180 from Audi,apparently this is quite involved and requires to be pumped in at the right temperature.
    Apart from that Ben covered the rest.

  5. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Anyone with any idea on how to make sure I'm looking at 180hp models over 150? So far I've seens ads mentioning 150 and 180 so thats a help. But just incase, is there any difference between the two that were only available with one over the other?
  6. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    The 180 bhp models might have been the 'Sport' ones, in which case their spec will indicate whether they had that designation, with a common set of special features (e.g. sports seats, cruise, three-spoke steering wheels, white-lit dials etc.). Perhaps wood trim inside means definitely not a Sport spec.

    In '99 there wasn't a Sport spec according to the brochure I've got - the Quattros were as close as the A6 came to a Sport spec, but they all had sports seats, cruise and so on. A neighbour's slightly newer A6 was a Sport model and it had white dials and 180 bhp. Maybe that's a clue.
  7. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    I bought my 2001 model with 109000 miles on. I promptly chipped it which helped but didn't eliminate the lack of performance below 1800rpm. It made no difference to fuel economy. I would chip a new car without hesitation, but carefully check what you are getting, i like the extra torque and power from the Turbochip but its not what they claim or others do, but i spend most time using the bottom end torque not the top end (allegedly), and that has improved. Others don't. I have averaged 33mpg since i had it. In sorting out a problem that turned out to be the N75 valve i also replaced the MAF and air filter. It has required new wheel bearings and CV joints at the front, brake pads all round, and I have replaced the shocks with Konis. Most of this happened around the 120,000 mile mark. Be meticulous about getting the belts changed on time, do all the pulleys and bearings at the same time, its not worth the worry. In a momnet of stupidity i put petrol in it and consequently all the fuel filters got changed and the fuel pump timing reset, and it ran better as a result. I used long life servicing when doing high mileage, have since reverted to standard 10,000mile intervals. I've used all sorts of tyres, have settled on Continental as the best, lasting about 22000 miles. Goodyears are good but don't last as long, Dunlops i was indifferent, Nexens wore out in under 10000 miles, Pirellis i didn't like. I have had to replace the windscreen wiper motor recently but think that could have been avoided with a bit of preventative WD40 applied on a regular basis to the mechanism. Currently the self levellling sensor for the headlights doesn't work but its £200 odd for a new one and it's not top of the list just now. The engine failed at 176000 when the cog driving the chain to the oil pump stripped its teeth. I had real problems sourcing a rebuild after Audi quoted me £7500 for starters, and ending picking a someone who i shouldn't have, and now have a problem. I think i was unlucky, one of my problems was finding anyone who had an engine fail that could give any advice. Now at 185000 miles.
    I think the 180hp engine was only available in the Sport quattro variant. It is very different from the 150 and 163hp engines internally. The engine plate should tell you as should the owners manual - its 132kw or 177ps. I haven't got white dials, I have got wood trim,17" 5 spoke alloys, Xenons, foglights, leather, electric seats, 6CD, DIS, cruise, ESP, there are no sport insignia, just the red I on the back.
    Its been the best car i have ever had, I don't think you'll be sorry if you get one. Not cheap but i'd rather have a secondhand one of these than a new Mondeo! Try vwdiesels.co.uk, they seem to be taking over where audidiesels.com have disappeared.
  8. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    I have the 180 sport saloon on a 52 plate.

    The red I is the give away. only the quattro sports are 180bhp.

    standard equipment is 17" wheels, dis, cruise, lowered suspension

    mine has carbon trim, full leather, NO Xenons, NO white dials, Rs4 Alloys (all from new)

    I think the white dials are S models only

    I average about 30mpg around town and have had here upto 42 on a boring run to Wales and back.

    There are so many options on Audi as you can tell by the replies from everyone else

    I dont care about miles as long as the history is good. Bought mine with 78k on (low for me), but with full Audi history.

    Based on the high mileage for its age, it HAS to be motorway mileage, nuch better than grandma going to and from the local shops.

    Generally they arent a Reps car like the A4 and as such tend to be managers and directors ex cars. Logic says that they been serviced properly.

    All in ive had a few A6's and the 180sport is a belter. Next car will be a 2.7 or 3.0 tdi quattro sport, nothing else will do

    Keep looking, rocking horse ***** and chocolate fireguard, come to mind and you will eventual find one.

    worth every second of the wait

  9. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Cheers for that mate, I read your issues with the chipping. Luckily I have a good friend who maps cars for a living and he's pretty much top of the game. So I'll have to have a word with him about it all. Regarding tyres, I'm more for the performance of a tyre then how long it lasts. If it lasts 500 miles but has the best grip in wet and dry going. Then I'll go for it. I usually stick to Pirelli P Zero neros which I've found to be excellent. Either that of Bridgestone S03's which I'm not sure are around any longer.

    I actually considered the A4 too lol. But I'm sticking with the A6 :)

    Thanks again, once the silvia is gone I'll be hunting like crazy lol. The A6 sounds fantastic so getting rid of the silvia won't hurt as much :)
  10. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Sorry guys,

    Just another point to ask.

    Seen a 51 plate not far from me thats up for sale. I don't think it's the 180 model though. They were 2002 onwards I believe.

    Can someone tell me if this will be effected by the new tax thing coming in from next year?

    Parkers says it's a band F which should be fine: http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/specs/Detail.aspx?deriv=21647

    am I right in thinking that?
  11. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    If you purchase the 150, 155, or 163 models it is probably better to simply stick a Steinbauer tuning box on it.

    Some consider this option superior to a remap.

    You are looking at around 35 - 45mpg.

    If you are going to increase the power much, do not purchase either of the auto boxes.

    Although not as smooth, and with a different power delivery, the PD130 engine is a better bet for economy and power.
  12. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    1998 2.5 TDi Quattro Sport with TIP here - Third gear in auto tends to change a tad late when pootling along, not a big issue really, I quite enjoy slipping it over into tip mode.

    An occasional fault occurs when I start the old girl up too quickly, which results in the ECU switching to limp mode.

    I bought mine with 96k on, now a year and half later, I have 143K and had the following work done

    1 x Crankcase breather
    1 x Drop link
    1 x CV
    4 x Brake pads and discs
    8 x tyres

    I upgraded my lights with a nifty fifty pound HID conversion kit ( Well recommended ) and I have been running it on a blend of SVO and runs smoother than when I first got it.

    The cambelt is 80k on mine - strange considering my motor is a year older than siliconS.

    Service intervals every 10k - approx 35mpg from my 150BHP and thats all folks!

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