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Buying a 2007 S3 - what to look out for please?

neiljones0506 Oct 15, 2008

  1. neiljones0506

    neiljones0506 New Member

    I am off to Audi garage to look at buying 2007 S3- any things in particular / common probs that I should be looking out for? thanks!
  2. JustCharlie

    JustCharlie Member

    welcome, if its got buckets check the bolsters, apart from that nothing major, check the history is spot on and the usual body damage, repairs etc, they seem to be pretty robust. Like JK said in a previous post there was an issue with an injector problem causing a misfire but this would have been sorted by now I'm sure. Check the alloys for curbing and the tyres for correct type, they all need to be the same make ideally, but wouldn't want to mix makes on the same axle for sure confuses the traction/esp

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