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Buying 2001 S4 Avant

cgrieves May 4, 2004

  1. cgrieves

    cgrieves New Member

    I am looking to buy a 2001 S4 Avant with tiptronic. I have found the car. What problems should I look out for with this car? Any pitfalls with the engine? The transmission? It is a CPO vehicle. What would be some intial upgrades to consider? All replies/advice would be appreciated.
  2. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    Try here, http://www.s4-mtm.com/library.htm

    Go right to the bottom there is a S4 buyers guide.

    Drive a couple to get a feel for the power delivery. The bi-turbo has a lot pipes, hoses etc. that can rupture/leak cause the car to produce less power. It would help if you completed your location. Then you might get a friendly experienced S4 owner to help look over a car for you. It is also good to find someone with a diagnostic tool to check your prospective purchase for ECU error codes. VAGCOM
    is the popular tool for this http://www.ross-tech.com/

    Good luck
  3. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    I agree with Patrick.

    I'd suggest you check the TBB for any rupture or tears. Check the control arms up front, too. Other than that, go with Patrick's good advice.

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