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Busted for speeding... US style. (longish)

OutLore Jul 17, 2006

  1. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    OK, so I have these great plans this weekend. Me and my lil' lady friend are going to drive to San Antonio Friday night, which is about 4.5hours away, go to Sea World on Saturday, then do the romantic river walk on Sunday and take a leisurly cruise back on Sunday afternoon.

    That was what was supposed to happen. I get out of work at 2:30, and dive over to where she works, expecting her to be all packed up, and ready to go after dropping her car off at her place. No, we dont leave until 6:30.

    The drive down there is cool, long straight roads, gorgeous weather, an ipod full of tunes and a bench seat in the front of my truck, lots of snuggles and stuff, hehe. Sweet.

    Someone forgot to book a hotel. Oops. Well, SA has loads so I figure it's not a problem. WRONG AGAIN!!!!! 12,000 students have descended on the fine town for a conference. All the hotels say "You wont get a room unless you go north of Austin". Austin is 1/2 way between SA and Dallas. Bugger. So, after 6 hours of driving there and then around looking for somewhere to sleep(and I have to add that we did have a good time) we head back to Dallas. At a pretty high rate of knots (for the US)

    Until I missed a cop on the side of the interstate. Oops again. He was a nice enough guy.....

    Problem is, I am a sarcastic mother and little man syndrome suffering cop wasn't. Here's a little transcript of what went down:

    Cop: "The reason I stopped you is because of your speed."
    Me: "Ah, OK. Sorry Officer"
    Cop: "Is there some medical emergency?"
    Me: "Does sleep deprivation count? Or having a hot chick in the truck mean anything?"
    Cop: (Looks at me for a long time, saying nothing) "No."
    Cop: Is your drivers license valid here? Why don't you have a Texas drivers license"
    Me: "Well, thats a funny story. The DMV wont let me have one"
    --- I go into details at this point... boring..... upshot is, officer hicks is getting what seems like a little moody about me slating the Texas law for not letting me have a drivers license.
    Cop: "Well, here's your ticket. I guess your girlfriend will know what you need to do. There's a form you gotta fill out inside this envelope. It's in English. I take it you can read English?"
    Me: "Actually, do you have one in Chinese?"
    Cop: (Unclips his gun) (Looks at me in silence again) Do you read English?"
    Me: "Yes"
    Cop: "Have a nice night. And slow down."
    Me: "Can I have a picture of us together? That would be so cool."

    Cop: (I think he finally starts to see the humour) "No. Get moving"
    Me: "Thanks, officer."

    2 Tanks of Gas to drive 550 miles for nothing: $140
    2 Sea world tickets going begging $85
    Speeding ticket $200

    Pissing off a cop so much he unclips his gun holster: Priceless.
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  2. mandyray

    mandyray Member

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune but great post! :D
  3. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Ha Ha Ha good story but sorry to hear about the final cost of the journey.....
  4. dorgan

    dorgan Member

    LOL Class.
  5. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    You sir are a **** of the greatest proportions - however a very funny one! :beerchug:

    but I guess you know that now.
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  6. Rob W8

    Rob W8 Member

    Well funny mate! Gald you are having a good time. When are you back over again?
  7. bainsyboy

    bainsyboy Guest

    Wasnt the copper out of the village people was it, you could have got off with it if it had been, but it would have left a nasty in your mouth.
  8. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    or have to use a tampon for the rest of yer days!!
  9. S3GG

    S3GG Member

    So funny, they don't take things lightly there.... My dad got pulled over on the way to Brownsville with us in the car in 1980-81 we mustve been sleeping in the back, because I cant remember it clearly, really young a long time ago, my uncle had passed through this town about 6 months before and cursed out the cop real bad about a ticket, so the cop sees my dads Greek last name and it was hell...

    the cop was cussin' real bad and when they went into the station.... they realized that they where identical twins...

    the cop admitted to all the swear words word for word and the Sheriff asked if charges where to be pressed and so on, he recommended 6 months suspension without pay for the deputy but my dad said no its ok because he admired the deputy's honesty and that was it....

    The sheriff insisted to cuss out the deputy and so on... ha ha ... all this while we where sleeping in the back of Oldsmobile Delta 88...
  10. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    I have been pulled for speeding lots of times in the US, good reason to keep my UK driving license despite it having USA on it, they never noticed. I always made sure they saw my concealed permit when I took my license out of my wallet. After I had explained why I had it we always ended up chatting about firearms and I always got off with it:)
  11. unkle

    unkle Beer God


    Whatever happened to bainsyboy?
  12. S3GG

    S3GG Member

    ha ha holy smokes didn't notice the dates on there!!! woo hoo!! cobwebs flew all over the place!!!

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