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Burst brake hose :(

chazza55 May 8, 2014

  1. chazza55

    chazza55 got an S3 8L: living the dream


    Hello all - well i had a bit of a brown trouser moment this morning......car in front braked suddenly going into tescos and so I was forced to do the same......ABS kicked in then PFFFFT!............front driver's side flexi brake hose burst (it is 13yrs old).....luckily i didn't go into the car in front.

    I have been meaning to replace them anyway so have the motul fluid and replacement braided hoses waiting at home.

    So I realise i need to replace the lines and re-bleed......but also assume i will need to bleed the ABS, clutch and master cylinder also as i suspect the fluid in the master cylinder is fairly not existent now (i haven't checked as i had to get to work).

    My question is, is there a particular order i should bleed these after fittings the new hoses:.....eg:

    1) ABS
    2) Clutch
    3) MC
    4) Calipers


    Am I correct in assuming I will need to do all of these items?

    Has anyone been in the same situation with any advice to give?

    Any tips would be much appreciated.....will have to try and tackle this tonight.
  2. IrishDave

    IrishDave Active Member

    I believe you will have to bleed the master cylinder first then abs then brakes. Never been in this situation, but when I was replacing my calipers I managed to accidently drain all the fluid (left a bleed valve open over night). Main thing is to bleed the m.c first which is pretty awkward to do, there is a post somewhere that tells you how to do it, but you will have to remove the intake pipe for better access.
    Last edited: May 8, 2014
  3. fanta

    fanta Active Member

    chazza keen to know how you get on with this, I've got this on my list of precautionary work.
  4. chazza55

    chazza55 got an S3 8L: living the dream

    Ok so it took a little bit of time to sort due to the skanky wet weather.......I don't like the idea of playing with hygroscopic fluids when it's raining (call me over cautious).

    Changed the hoses for some HEL teflon braided "upgrades".... Very nice quality, look very smart but NOT happy that they don't fit the s3 hose mounting points properly.

    Anyways.... Once fitted, I went to have a to at the MC. Bu*ger....my sockets weren't deep enough and I am clearly meal coordinated with a small spanner in such tight spaces. (Even after moving the charge pipe). FAIL.

    So I moved onto the calipers..... Made sure the fluid was fully changed as it needed doing anyway. Seized rear offside bleed nipple..... Bit of work later managed to get all 4 calipers bled.

    Plugged in VCDS and had a go at the ABS procedure ...... Seemed to work ok as I was moving up the modules.... But was running out of brake fluid so ended up stopping after 6 loops of the instruction repeats.

    So, knowing the MC and clutch hadn't been bled I gave the brakes a try. Bu*ger.....very little brakes.

    Got myself a deeper socket set on Monday it bloody rained again.

    Dry patch today and bled the MC. GOT MY BRAKES BACK! :)

    So I realise that is not quite the suggested order as above.....but the brakes are back to normal and the car is usable again :). .... Got the other half's brakes to replace at the weekend so may have another go bleeding in the suggested order.

    So basically for me it was the one big thing everyone says on here.....if you have spongy brakes.... Check the MC!

    Thanks for the input.......one more question from my side:

    On uber new cars the brakes are really bitey....I mean they have really little travel before biting and then will slam you into the windscreen (I refer to an audi a1 courtesy car I had).

    Not sure which prefer as the a1 brakes were a bit digital and not progressive. But I am curious how you would achieve that sort of braking.......any suggestions?

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